Consulting Services

Consulting Services


  • Executive Consultant to National/International Cultural Non-Profit Organizations
  • Chief Executive Officer of Non-Profit & Government-Sponsored Cultural Institutions
  • American Association of Museums Accreditation Commissioner
  • Corporate Responsibility, Property Development & Cultural Education Projects
  • Brand Identity, Marketing & Corporate Communications Strategy Development
  • Financial Planning & Budget Management
  • Strategic Partnerships & Team Building
  • Capital Raising


“My career and practice is built on strengthening organizations and institutions during periods of change.”

—Terrie S. Rouse, Founding and Former CEO for Visitor Services, Capitol Visitor Center, U.S. Capitol and Accreditation Commissioner, American Alliance of Museums

Terrie Rouse is a veteran of executive non-profit, government and museum/arts management. As an executive manager for museums, art institutions and performance entities; she has extensive experience combining creativity with strategic planning to build and sustain organizations.

Ms. Rouse has array of competencies earned from building, running and supporting non-profit and quasi-governmental organizations around the country. Her skills include statistical analysis, strategic planning, consultant management, security awareness, audience engagement, exhibition / education \ development, computer software technology management, and negotiation tactics. Each experience translated into another mechanism to further the public’s understanding and appreciation of the creative vocabulary that surrounds their environment, and strategies to strengthen institutions’ capacities to be effective and accountable.

Specialties: Art management, government administration, performing arts management, branding, strategic planning, economic sustainability, educational programs, partnerships, project management, capital campaigns

Select experiences:

  • Studio Museum of Harlem | Senior Curator
  • New York Transit Museum | Founding Director
  • The Children’s Museum of Maine – Director
  • The African American Museum of Philadelphia | President/CEO
  • Terrie S. Rouse Consulting | Major Projects
  • Owner Representative | Renovation of JFK Plaza (Love Park), Philadelphia, PA
  • Owner Representative | President’s House Project
  • Atlanta Ballet | Executive Director
  • Union Station Kansas City (Kansas City, MO) | Executive Vice President & Director of Museums
  • U.S. Capitol Visitor Center, United States Capitol | Founding CEO
  • Terrie S. Rouse | International Consulting
  • Cultural Envoy | Bogotá, Columbia
  • Museum best practices workshop – Beijing, China
  • Operations, best practices over all cultural practices – Saudi Aramco, (Dhahran) Saudi

Contact information:

Terrie S. Rouse, Consultant
Upper Marlboro, Maryland, USA
[email protected]

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