New York Transit Museum

Director, New York Transit Museum (Brooklyn, NY), 1986 to 1991

Developed the Transit Museum into a professionally run and staffed institution for the New York Transit Authority.  Managed a combined salary and operating budget of approximately $1,200,000.


Transformed the facility into a major corporate/history museum within the administrative structure of the NYC Transit Authority.

  • Upgraded the physical structure of a 1930’s subway station to support a revolving exhibition program.
  • Established an advisory board.
  • Established the Museum as an integral part of the transit authority education/promotion policy.
  • Established the museum as a center for the interpretation and study of public transportation impact on urban development.
  • Established an Archive containing NYC’s transit/urban history.
  • Grew the museum budget from mere salary support to operating budget in excess of one million dollars in less than four years.
  • Established educational programs for a multi-generational audience.
  • Established an oral history program on transit folklore.
  • Establishment of an interpretive exhibition program.

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